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Terms of Sale

These Terms of Sale are part of WashUp’s Terms of Use and are additional terms by which all Users or guests abide when using the Service.




 WashUp offers three different wash options for three broad car types.


 Prices and services contents are subject to change at WashUp’s discretion; all such changes will be reflected on


Payment terms


Bookings are charged upon completion of the service requested. WashUp is a cashless service and may only process payment through a Valid Credit Card/Debit Carf.


Only payments by the following credit cards are accepted:


Visa, MasterCard, American Express


Any Card Declined will lead WashUp to ask the customer to find a solution for the payment of the service provided. WashUp will start a collection process 48 hours after getting the customer’s Credit Card refused.


 Late Cancellation & Reschedule


 You may reschedule or cancel an appointment up to 2 hours before the due date.


However, inside of 2 hours, a $20 fee is charged to compensate the detailer. This rule applies to any retail price.


Any cancellation or reschedule that is done within 15 minutes will always be free of charge even for a short notice request.


Satisfaction policy


At WashUp, we care about making you happy. Hence, if you are not satisfied with the job, let us know what we went wrong and we'll send the detailer back to fix what needs to be fixed at no additional cost to you.


 All requests referring to our satisfaction policy should be sent within 48 hours following the job date. Past this time, we cannot send the detailer back.


Promotional codes


Where members have a valid promotional code to redeem, they may use it towards the payment of their booking.


Promotional codes are handed out by WashUp, at WashUp’s discretion, to groups of Users or individual Users via various means of communication, included but not limited to, newsletters and social media.


They may be redeemed directly at checkout, by entering the code in the field provided.


Weather  Checks


Unfortunately, we can't control natural elements. For that reason, we do not offer any unexpected weather checks, such us frozen weather, rain, snow or etc. Please make sure you check the weather before you book an appointment.


 Appointment time


Due to traffic or exceptional circumstances, our technician might arrive late. You may Cancel/Reschedule an appointment only when WashUp’s technician is late more than 20 minutes.


Below that 20 minutes, cancellations & reschedules are still subject to the “Late Reschedule & Cancellation” section of the terms. WashUp shall do its best to let you know about any delay in delivery.


Coupon & Referral Policy


From time to time, WashUp may offer a referral program which enables you to earn credits redeemable for WashUp services by sharing a unique referral link provided to you by WashUp (“Referral Link”) with your friends.


 Note that combining credits & coupons is not possible.


 To qualify for credits, the referred customer must be a new customer of WashUp and use your Referral Link to sign up for the Services. You may not collect referrals by:




  • self-referring by using multiple or false names, identities, accounts or email addresses; 

  • referring anyone who is an existing WashUp customer, including an existing customer with an account under an alternate email address; 

  • using spam or sending unsolicited emails to persons they don't personally know to collect referrals, or otherwise violating any applicable law, rule, regulation or third party terms of use; 

  • posting on message boards, public forums, coupon sites or other online venues; 

  • permitting another individual to use the referring customer’s account; 

  • referring fake people to WashUp, impersonating another person, or otherwise providing WashUp with false or misleading information; 

  • using the Referral Link in any manner that is disparaging or that otherwise portrays WashUp in a negative light; or 

  • referring customers in violation of any other restriction we impose on participants in our referral program in our discretion upon prior notice. 

  • If WashUp determines in its sole discretion that there has been a violation of these terms, WashUp reserves the right to cancel or rescind any accrued credits and/or determine that either or both the referred customer and referring customer are ineligible to participate in this or future offers. Referring customers may also be liable for civil and/or criminal penalties under applicable law. WashUp reserves the right to void, verify or adjust credits at any time prior to or following posting and redemption. 

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